I have made some Shark Wars drawings (no tracing, purely sketched)-Velenka, Barkley, Gray, and Finnivus. I bet you will all love them! :D
IMG 0181

Velenka! :D Personally my favorite drawing out of all that I made. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

IMG 0182

Here's my drawing of Barkley with a little bio. I think I did well on him as well.

IMG 0183

This, aside from my drawing of Velenka, is definitely my best! :D I also included the title at the top-I thought it looked awesome as well.

IMG 0184

It was somewhat tricky uploading this one of Finnivus. I like Finnivus, but I'm not exactly sure I did my best on this one. However, I also had to endure a tricky process uploading this one, and had to play around with the scaling and orientation in an art program called GIMP. At least I managed to upload it!

I am currently in the process of drawing Lochlan. Also, if you liked these enough, I may upload a funny drawing I did of Bruce from Finding Nemo! (I also drew Chum and Anchor, the mako and hammerhead from Finding Nemo.)


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