Snork is a small male saw shark that has fought alongside Gray and Barkley. He took part in many great ordeals and helped Gray and Barkley with ideas or planning. He sometimes tends to zone out a lot but stands loyal to all good creatures in the "big blue" (ocean) through and through.


Species: Sawshark

Gender: Male

Status: Bladefish warrior

Fate: Alive

Shark WarsEdit

In Shark Wars, Snork was traveling with Mari, Shell, and Striiker when they met Gray and Barkley. They created Rogue shiver but soon were accepted into Goblin Shiver. Snork didn't like Goblin, so he and almost everyone else execpt for Gray from Rogue Shiver returned to their old homewaters.

The Battle of RiptideEdit

Snork helped discover Coral Shiver's hiding place and warmed quickly to the sharks who lived in it. He fought in the battle with his helpful dangerous saw along his nose.

Into the AbyssEdit

Snork was one of Barkley's Ghostfins and proved to be a very sneaky shark. He patrolled with Barkley, looking out for Indi Shiver attackers. Snork hid with the other Ghostfins in the Maw when Indi attacked and launched a surprise attack which, with help from Tik-Tun's Orca attack, finally won the war.

Enemy of OceansEdit

Snork is taken as an apprentice to Salamanca, a friend of Takiza's to become a blade fish.

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