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Welcome to Shark Wars wiki, the guide to the book SHARK WARS by EJ Altbacker. You can help make this wiki by adding info and pictures. Thanks to everyone who is pitching in. This wiki is growing fast!

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  • Shark WarsGo to Shark Wars
  • Book 2: The Battle of RiptideGo to Battle of Riptide
  • Book 3: Into the AbyssGo to Into the Abyss
  • Book 4: Kingdom of the DeepGo to Kingdom of the Deep
  • Book 5: Enemy of OceansGo to Enemy of Oceans
  • Go to The Last Emprex
The fifth and sixth book have been introduced! Look at summaries by clicking on the picture in the slide show. The new books include #5: Enemy of Oceans and # 6 The last Emprex.

-We have reached over 120 (one hundred and ten) pages.


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-BarnesandNoble has just released Shark Wars #4 and #5 on ebook!

-This wiki has reached over forty (40) pages

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