Gray Wakes up he sees that he's friends have scars and are bleeding so much that the water tastes a little of blood Grindor (leader of Scar Shiver) says Riptide was attacked by Pacific Shiver and he sees he's missing a flipper and some of his bottom of his tail. He sees Barkley with a new tail thing and his flipper that had a paper/wood thing on it and Sandy and Striiker were both missing a flipper and a little of there tails. Gray gets back there thoughts and sees the horrors of what happened and Triger tells him the full story. Triger says that Hammer fought well and killed HoNkuu and tells gray that Jaunt was severely wonded. Triger also said that we're putting things on so you can swim like you used to and Orc says that they have to go to SaliMander because he wasn't fully trained. snork also returned and fought and was missing his left fin. Triger sends in Attack on Pacific Shiver and takes some of the southern front as it is called. Seventh Shiver's numbers increase and have 10,000 Bull Sharks and 5,000 bull sharks. Hammer sends 3 of the largest mousasors to indi-Shiver to help Auzy-Auzy Shiver protect Tydal and Hammer says that Sixth Shiver was the Tuna Run gone wrong with Cannibal Sharks. Finnus a great white and leader of Pacific Shiver is like Finnivus (so you know it's not good in there) and the second in command is Leli (a male) (and who hates Finnus). The damage that Fithermor got was massive and the dead corpses had some golden greeny in there dead body's (cause the great whites ate so much of the freaking stuff) and them was some inception in it and Barkley even threw up when looking at a great white where his insides were showing. Back at Pacific Shiver Finnus send an attack to Fatherimor.

not done yet

. 10

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