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Ripper Picture taken from shark

Ripper is a large male Great hammerhead shark that was first in Goblin Shiver. He was only inferior to Goblin himself, although he was mentioned to even disrupt Goblin's authority at times. He is (along with Velenka) the last of the Goblin shiver line.

Species: Great Hammerhead

Gender: Male

Title: first (in Goblin Shiver)

Status: alive

Fate: Currently working for Trank

Shark WarsEdit

Ripper was mentioned as going on patrols and trying to advise Goblin but was always in the shadows of Velenka. He is mentioned as fighting against Razor Shiver several times and bieng slightly envious of Goblin.

After Shark WarsEdit

Ripper was rarely mentioned after the first book apart from when Gray and Barkley recount their experiences with Goblin Shiver. In The Last Emprex, it apears he survived but refused to join any shiver.