The Razor shiver was owned by Razor the bull shark. The whole shiver was made up of only bull sharks. Before Goblin and Razor's death the two were worst enemies.


Little is known about the early history of Razor Shiver. All that is known is that Razor and Goblin had been fighting for months. Razor Shiver launched countless attacks on Goblin Shiver. They planned to finish the battle at the Tuna Run - but Takiza interfered and stopped them. It is thought that they were all destroyed by Indi Shiver soon after. Shell was a part of Razor shiver but little is known about his history within his time with them; when Goblin asked about it, he didn't say.When Shell left, he met Mari and Striiker,so then wandered he big blue and then met Gray and Barkley.Then soon after,Rogue shiver was born.

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