Palink's Shiver Warriors

Palink is a quick witted blue shark who leads Hideg shiver. Because of this he obviously has many traits that the sharks around him like. He is a smart and fast swimming shark with razor sharp and good fighting skills.

Appearances                                       Edit

Palink first appears in the Kingdom of the Deep when Gray and Barkley are sent to settle a territory dispute between Hideg shiver and Icingholme shiver, which is led by Tik-tun and made up of orcas. After a hard struggle and a near war, Gray and Barkley finnaly solve the dispute, causing Palink to be friends with Gray, Barkley and Tik-tun. He doesn't do much in book five but in book six, The Last Emprex, he sends many sharks to war and since he has such a big shiver that helps Riptide United defeat the prehistore armada.


The Last Emprex


  •  Palink is described as tough and smart
  •  He has a large army
  •  He is brave
  •  He is able to understand and realise his mistakes
  •  He is sly
  •  He is a fast swimmer
  •  He will use everything to win
  •  He is willing to fight for friends and against evil
    Shortfin Mako Shark 032

    One Of Palink's Guards


  • Palink leads Hideg shiver
  • He is a blue shark
  • He has many tough guards
  • He lives in the Arktik
  • He is used to the cold
  • He trys to be happy for as long as possible
  • He changes to different moods and back easily
  • He goes into battle against attacking or evil shivers


Blue shark

Palink The Blue Shark

Palink is a sly, smart and fast swimming blue shark. He is the leader of Hideg shiver, a powerful group of sharks who's homewaters are situated in the Artik close to Glacier and Icingholme shiver. Palink is quick witted, agile and willing to go into war against evil sharks and shivers.

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