Blue shark

A spinner shark

Species: Spinner Shark

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Fate:  Under Gray's care.

Leilani is a giant 23 ft sneaky spinner shark around the same age as gray. She is the youngest member of the AuzyAuzy's Eyes and Ears, and she is a kind shark (and very pretty).

Enemy of Oceans Edit

Leilani was first introduced when Jaunt leads Gray to the Eyes and Ears base of operations. Here, Gray meets Leilani, who is thrilled to see the Seazarien up close. After that, Leilani and Gray become quick friends.   

Later, they are off with a patrol party to investigate the firewaters in between AuzyAuzy and Hammer shivers when they swim right into Hokuu's Trap. Most of them escape, but Leilani couldn't get out, so Gray goes back in and crashes into Leilani, pushing both of them out of the trap.   

Leilani also encounters Velenka, and she seems to disagree with Velenka, even saying insults to her.   

The Last Emprex Edit