This was the once powerful shiver ruled by king Finnivus , it did not have any specifically known leaders

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besides Whalem , Finnivus, and Finnivus's father, Romulus

Early HistoryEdit

Indi Shiver was known to have come from warm Pacific waters. They were known for tattooing themselves with sea urchin vemon to create the trademark Indi Tatoo. At Some point, Finnivus's father became in Charge until his death when Whalem became in charge but was then taken over by Finnivus. Later on, Whalem didn't think he made the right choice when he was about to be eaten in the second book.

Finnivus and the ArmadaEdit

Finnivus was blood thirsty and power hungry. He ordered the Armada or know as the Black Wave to sieze every homewaters in the Ocean. Indi shiver had a powerful army and Squaline which destroyed all Shivers that it took on apart from Riptide Shiver which destroyed their first Attack. They retreated and regrouped. Finnivus created the black wave, a huge formation of battle sharks. They Attacked Riptide but were subsequently destroyed and Finnivus was killed buy Gray. Tydal became in charge and Indi was now looked after by Riptide.

Legacy and TraditionsEdit

Indi tatooed themselves with Urchin vemon to created exciting tatoos that symbolised Indi Shiver. They also used to eat the backs of Whales so that a speakers rock could fit inside it. Indi was renouned for often eating the sharks they dispatched in Battle, Finnivus was the one who thought he would eat every sharkkind in the big blue.