Blue shark

An Artik Shark

Glacier ShiverEdit

Glacier shiver is a little known shiver and is not mentioned much in the Shark Wars series. It is in the Artik and has a presumably kind and smart leader, fom what Palink, Hideg shiver's leader said.


Glacier shivers homewater's are in the Arktik (Arctic) Ocean, close to Icingholme shiver which is led by Tik-tun the orca and Hideg shiver which is led by Palink the blue shark. The Arktik is filled with ocean going mammals which sharks call flippers. They consist of animals like seals, dolphins, orcas and whales.


The Dolphin, an Arktik mammal


Glacier shiver is an Arktik shiver that is bordered by Icingholme and Hideg shivers. It has a kind, smart and sometimes sly leader. Not much is known about this mysterious shiver.


An Arktik going Thresher

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