book 9 has also been confirmed by Ej himself! He has agreed to write these last three books to the series of Shark wars, making it even for the fans. And word is that he's writting it right now.

Info on book 9 Curse of the Dark Blue

In book 9, some friend's of Briny and Hank's the devilfish, has threatened Barkley and his ghostfins to stay away from the Dark Blue, because of some reasons and arguments of how the friends met. But later Barkley plays a prank on  Briny and Hank's friends, spooking them enough to cast an eerie curse onto Barkley! Barkley is then faced with the threat of dying in less than three days.

Gray and his friend's take charge of this and venture down into the Dark Blue on a quest to find those same devilfish and ask if they could remove the curse. But with only little time, how can the friend's venture through the whole Dark Blue in only three days! And to top that, they can't even see where they'll be going, making it even more impossible.

Can Gray save his friend, Barkley's life? With only three days to swim the entire Dark Blue? Or will it be too late by then... Find out in Altbacker's next book,after the upcoming 7 & 8,  book 9 Curse of the Dark Blue!

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