Shark wars book 8 Journey of the Moonshine Path has been confirmed!

Ej Altbacker has now agreed to book(s) 7, 8, and 9 to the Shark wars series! The exciting adventures eith Gray and Barkley continue finally, and these books are coming really soon.

Info for Book 8 Journey of the Moonshine Path

In book 8, Gray and the gang sets off on an amazing quest to save Lenlani who has been taken prisoner by the Landsharks. In this book they will have to follow the path of bubbles or also known as The Moonshine Path, of the ship that has taken their friend captive. They then will try and save their friend, which might turn out to be a fatal mistake. Will they be able to save Lenlani from the huge Landshark ship? Find out! And don't miss another fantastic tale, book 9!

Word is that book 8 will come out shortly after book 7, but for now they're in the process of being written. So stay tuned for more adventures!

mabe Lenlani and Gray will even get married?

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