Book 7 in the series of Shark wars news, has been released! Book 7 Encounter with the Landshark is now being considered on being made by Ej Altbacker. Hundreds of fans are cheering him on to do so on Facebook and other sites, so RazorBill, PenguinBooks have decided to publish this new idea and turn it into the seventh book of the series! So hold on to your tail for the next adventure with Gray, Barkley and everyone else as the stories continue!

Intro On Book 7, Encounter with the Landsharks

News on Book 7 is that Landsharks or humans will begin taking all of the fish in the Big Blue, so much that Gray and his friends begin to starve. But Gray won't let that happen! He, and his friends take charge to save the Big Blue!

The team investigates on this, and then begins to sort a way on how to end this starvation. But as soon as they do try and save the Ocean, one of Gray's friends are caught at taken prisoner into one of the Landshark ships. This then leads to Book 8 Journey of the Moonshine Path.

Do not miss this next exciting tale of Gray and his friends! In book 7! Coming soon! (We hope)